Evolution of a Passport

While traveling in another country, it’s often a good idea to carry your passport at all times in a safe and secure location. Just in case anything happens, you have immediate access to this important document.

The following is what happens when you carry around your brand new passport in your back pocket everyday for 6 months in India.

Introducing the Evolution of a Passport:

Side by side

Day 0

Day 0 Week 1
Week 1 Week 2Week 2 Week 3Week 3 Week 4Week 4 Week 5Week 5 Week 6Week 6 Week 7Week 7 Week 8Week 8 Week 9Week 9 Week 10Week 10 Week 11Week 11 Week 12Week 12 Week 13Week 13 Week 14Week 14 Week 15Week 15 Week 16Week 16 Week 17Week 17 Week 18Week 18 Week 19Week 19 Week 20Week 20 Week 21Week 21 Week 22Week 22 Week 23Week 23 Week 24Week 24 Week 25Week 25

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