New Year’s Resolutions 2014


Another year for Protein and Produce, and big changes have come as usual.

The first four months I was still backpacking in India, after which I took a few weeks to recover and get back to life in America.  Next, I took up some fun jobs to enjoy myself, try new things, and get closer to finding my passion.  Following my streak of taking leaps of faith, I moved to Boston for a great job and new take on travel.  I’ve since started back on my path of healthy living, and this new life will surely inspire more writing.

So after New Year’s Resolutions 2012, let’s see how I did with my New Year’s Resolutions 2013.

2013 Resolutions in Review:

  • Write – In Progress
    • Post at least once a month – Fail
      • Well I didn’t quite reach that goal, writing fewer posts than last year, but I’m working on keeping it up for 2014
  • Health – In Progress
    • Finally publish my in depth write-up of the diet – Fail.
      • It takes a lot to go through everything, but it’s coming
    • Further limit Cheat Days – In Progress
      • This was a tough one in India, the land of Sugar, Grain and Dairy, but now I’m back on the diet.
      • I’ve taken “Before” pictures and measurements so get ready for a post on all that
  • Fitness – In Progress
    • Do 100 Push-ups every day – Fail
      • Started out great, but I quickly burned out.  This was a little too ambitious to keep up for a year
    • Be able to do 100 Push-ups in a row – Fail
      • Didn’t quite reach this goal, getting up to a max of 85 before I burned out
    • Develop a consistent running schedule – Fail
      • Failed miserably.
  • Skill – In Progress
    • Continue to learn more new skills – In Progress
      • Working on a few more – See 2014 Resolutions
    • Learn to surf – Fail
      • Didn’t get the opportunity
    • Expand and improve upon my current skill sets – Working on it
    • Dive more – Fail
      • Didn’t get the opportunity
    • Yoga several times a week – Started
      • Got a new yoga mat and a new studio, but moved soon-after
    • Get back into meditation – Started
      • In the nice weather meditated a couple times a week, but stopped
  • Minimize – In Progress
    • Get rid of most of what I own, paring down to the essentials – In Progress
      • Moving to my own place in a new city has definitely helped
  • Travel – In Progress
    • Travel my own country – In Progress
      • I got to see quite a bit of the Northeast through some work I was doing, and now my move to Boston is a new type of travel experience
  • Produce – Fail
    • Build something. – Fail.
  • Live – In Pogress
    • Go camping – Next year.
    • Take a road trip – Partial Success
      • Got to drive to a whole bunch of great cities, I’d like to think that counts
    • Cross more things off my LifeList – Success
      • Moved to a new city, started juicing (vegetables not steroids), started several new jobs, went to Santacon, bungee jumped, cliff dove, white water rafted in the Ganges
  • Passion – In Progress
    • Get closer to finding my passion, and what I want to do with my life – In Progress
      • This site has definitely been helping me figure that out, along with some of the jobs I have recently started
  • Give – In Progress
    • Help one person a week, in any way that I can – Working on it

My scorecard:
I’ll admit I was just a little over ambitious for this year.  I set my expectations way too high and unrealistic. I set vague goals instead of actual things I could keep track of.

Let’s see if I can do any better this year.

2014 Resolutions:

Wish me luck.

And good luck to you in all of your goals.

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