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4 Easy Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Why Track your Progress? Whenever you’re making a change, especially starting a new healthy lifestyle, it’s a great idea to track your progress. Tracking is an easy way to quantify your changes, and see what kind of difference it is making on your life. Keeping track of the impact of exercise allows you to see […]

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How to Start Tracking Exercise and Stop Fitness Frustration

People in the fitness world love to track. We track our progress, our food, and of course our workouts. And it’s all for good reason.

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How to Set Fitness Goals You Will Actually Reach

In Soccer games, and Casey Neistat & Nike videos, “without a goal, you can’t score.” Your fitness routine and the sport of futbol both have this in common.

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24 Hours in a Clock: How and Why I Switched to 24 Hour Time

Reading Time: 8 Minutes 24 Hour Time: Despite its lack of adoption in the United States and several other countries, 24 hour time has become the world standard for telling time. In the 24 hour system, unlike its 12 hour counterpart, there is no AM or PM designating morning or evening.  Instead, there is just each […]

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Inbox (Nearly) Zero

I was first introduced to the concept of Inbox Zero by watching the above video of Merlin Mann speaking at Google.

Before, I had never really thought about email. Sure, I used Gmail every day, in fact many times a day, but I didn’t think about how I used it. I, probably like many of you, was guilty of everything Merlin spoke about in the video. I had three email accounts, each open in separate tabs, which I constantly flipped through and checked every five minutes, no matter what I was doing. Even worse, I had no idea what I even had in any of my three inboxes. I wasted too much time scrolling through thousands of emails and information I no longer needed, just to find that one email or small detail that I was looking for.

I never thought of it as a problem, because I simply never thought of it. But as soon as I saw the video, I knew that I needed a change.

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