About Aylon

Hey, I’m Aylon Pesso, an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer from New York. I write about my passions of health and wellness, travel, efficiency, and life improvement in order to help you organize your habits and live a more active life.

I have been a Fitness Trainer since 2013, working with Gyms and Studios across New York and Boston, leading clients in individualized personal training, small group training, and group exercise classes. I train clients in styles and modalities including Boot Camp, HIIT, Spin, TRX, Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, and more. With my specialty in Orthopedic Exercise, I’ve helped clients with injuries manage and improve their conditions. I’ve helped even more folks stay safe and prevent issues from developing.

My focus on form, function, stability, and strength through natural body movements, helps clients build up a solid fitness foundation. With an emphasis on having fun and enjoying a great workout, you’ll focus your attention to your body, and progress through the exercises the right way to achieve your goals and feel great doing it.

I like to stay fit, mentally and physically, through balanced daily habits of walking, running, yoga, strength training, cross-training, meditation, and eating right for my body.

For questions and more information, email aylon@pes.so
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While I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, I am not a doctor, dietician, or expert in other fields. I like self-experimentation with crazy theories about food, the body, productivity and life. Take all of these ideas with a grain of salt. Do your own research and please speak to a health professional before starting new habits.