3 Easy Ways You Can Make Time for Fitness

I don’t have time to work out.

I wake up way too early so I can have just barely enough time to roll out of bed and head to work. By the time I’m home at the end of the day, I’m too exhausted to even think, let alone to run or lift weights.

This might sound familiar. Maybe it’s your life.

So what do you do? If you don’t have time to work out, how can you be expected to accomplish your fitness goals? Do you just give up and say that working out isn’t for you?

You could. Or you can reassess, get creative, and figure out a way make time to fit fitness into your life, and make working out work for you.

I don’t have time to work out.

I make time to work out.

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Foam Rolling: Is the Benefit Really Worth the Pain?

You may have seen some folks at the gym lying and moving around on big foam tubes. If you’re just starting out in your fitness journey, you’ve probably wondered what the hell they’re doing, and why they look like they’re in so much pain on something that looks so comfortable. Well they’re definitely in pain, but it’s not quite torture. Those tubes are foam rollers, and they’re actually doing a type of stretch called Myofascial Release (MFR) Self Myofascial Release (SMR) or of course foam rolling. Is it worth the pain?

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What is the Best Clothing to Wear to Workout?

The Clothes Make the Workout

If you are new to the world of fitness, you probably have a lot of questions about what you need to get started. Possibly the most important question is, of course, what do you wear? When choosing the best clothes to exercise in, there are a lot of things to think about, and a lot of options out there with great marketing campaigns. Cut through the jargon and figure out what you really need.

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Why Can’t I Get Rid of This Damn Fat?

Fit Fat

So it’s been three months since you’ve started working out consistently, tracking your progress, logging your meals, and writing down your workouts along the way, and you’ve seen amazing improvements overall. Your mood has improved, you lost 5 pounds, your waistline has dropped by two sizes, and life is good. But no matter how many bicep curls and bench presses you do, you still have those dreaded Goodbye Arms: that stubborn bit of flab under your arms that jiggle relentlessly when you wave. No matter how many crunches and planks you do, you still have a big chunk of belly fat. Why is this happening!?

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How to Get Healthy by Tracking What You Eat

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I’m all about quick and healthy photos.

Why Track?

Whether your goals are to get rid of unwanted body fat, build muscle, increase endurance, or just to get healthier and feel better, keeping track of what you eat can help you get there. It took me until the second half of my freshman year of college to realize that what I put into my body actually affects how my body looks and feels. By cataloging when and what you eat, you can get some insight into the many ways your food impacts your body and mind.

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4 Easy Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Why Track your Progress?

Whenever you’re making a change, especially starting a new healthy lifestyle, it’s a great idea to track your progress. Tracking is an easy way to quantify your changes, and see what kind of difference it is making on your life. Keeping track of the impact of exercise allows you to see how well you’re doing and helps boost your motivation to push through and continue your new habits. In combination with Effective Goal Setting, you can easily know how far you are in your journey to reaching your goals, and it can help you to set new goals to keep your change going.

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