The Diet

I am currently working on cataloging the Protein and Produce Diet.
As soon as it’s done, it’ll be up here.

In the mean time, keep this guide in mind:

No: Grains, Dairy, Refined Sugar
Limited: Starches, Legumes, Fruit, Nuts
Yes: Meat, Vegetables

Protein and Produce.

Fake Foods, or Healthy Alternatives

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 30 Seconds

When I started this lifestyle, I was completely opposed to fake foods, or healthy diet-friendly alternatives to the unhealthy “foods” that I used to eat.  I didn’t like the idea of making fake ice cream, or fake mashed potatoes or anything like that, because I wanted to appreciate the food that I was eating for what it was.  I thought that eating fake versions of my weaknesses would just make me give in to temptation more.  I’d much rather try to overcome this and build up my willpower.

But at a certain point, I found myself craving certain foods more and more, and falling into the terrible habit of more frequent cheat days. In order to save myself, appeal to others, and help those who were doing the same, I caved and decided to try my hand at making some alternatives.

Here are my Fake Foods / Healthy Alternatives Recipes.

New Year’s Resolutions 2012

I figured a new year’s resolution list would be an appropriate way to get this off the ground.
New Year, New Life.

So without further ado, here’s a list of things to accomplish throughout the year:

  1. Write
    Ideas are well and good, but putting them down to help others act really counts.
  2. Health
    Further regiment eating habits and catalog the process and progress.
  3. Fitness
    Work out on a solid schedule and detail the methods and results.
  4. Skill
    Learn to do something new.
  5. Minimize
    Making a conscious decision to own less stuff, and get more out of everything.
  6. Travel
    Plan out and follow through with an amazing trip.
  7. Produce
    Time is limited, make everything count towards self-enrichment, make something.
  8. Live
    By any means necessary: adventures, friends, anything and everything.

There it is.
Follow along and learn mental and physical tricks to make ourselves better.
Lets see how we do.