What is the Best Clothing to Wear to Workout?

If you are new to the world of fitness, you probably have a lot of questions about what you need to get started. Possibly the most important question is, of course, what do you wear?

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4 Easy Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Why Track your Progress? Whenever you’re making a change, especially starting a new healthy lifestyle, it’s a great idea to track your progress. Tracking is an easy way to quantify your changes, and see what kind of difference it is making on your life. Keeping track of the impact of exercise allows you to see […]

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Getting Started: Joining the Fitness Party

Boot Camp Class

Getting started in your Fitness Journey is possibly the hardest part. There is just so much out there to know and learn about this whole other part of life. Maybe you’ve never really thought about exercise or working out, but you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, and you read somewhere that exercise might help with all the stress and general unhappiness that you don’t really know why you’ve been feeling. But just the thought of The Gym only stresses you out more. How do you know where to begin? How do you know you’re even ready? Should you start with changing other things first, like a diet, and then work your way up to the gym? What do you do?

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Why Exercise? 5 Reasons Fitness Feels Good

For some, just reading the word “Exercise” sends shivers down the spine and PTSD-level responses, while others devote every Tweet, Instagram pic, and SnapChat to sharing their fitness journey. What keeps one group loathing it, and another borderline obsessed? With new studies and news reports everyday covering the latest nutrition or exercise trend, it’s easy to see that breaking a sweat is important, and hitting the gym and can have tremendous positive effects. By getting our heart rate going, and carefully working our bodies, we can tap into wonderful physical, mental, and health benefits.

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Sit on a Disk: 4 More Little Ways To Get Fit

Reading Time: 9 Minutes Let’s face it, we’re all busy.  We always have something going on, and not enough time in the day to do everything we want.  It’s especially hard finding the time to do something we may not want to do, but we know is good for us.  One of the top reasons […]

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What’s In My Backpack: Everything You Need for Long-Term Travel

Reading Time: 28 Minutes When planning out a trip one of the hardest things is deciding what to bring in your backpack. This is amplified with a longer trip, where you don’t know exactly where you will be, what environment you will face, and how long you will be gone. The weight of your pack […]

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