Danielle H.

Aylon was an amazing instructor. I came into his HIIT class having never taken a group exercise class and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was! Aylon was very helpful with beginners and is very thorough when demonstrating new exercises and stretches. He was a great motivator at 6:30 am and his positive attitude keeps you going even when you think you can’t. Aylon helped me form new healthy habits that have lasted and will continue to last.

George K.

“Aylon has helped me dial in my diet, without obsessing over it. He is very supportive and encouraging. He has also helped me manage peer pressure better, and be able to say “no” when friends and relatives offer me junk food – without feeling bad about it. A pleasure to work with!”


“I hired Aylon to keep me accountable to my goal of walking the 3.5 miles to/from work 3 days per week, which he did a fantastic job with. What I didn’t count on, though, was the reflection he had me do – to break down why it mattered to me, what the benefits were, and how to overcome the different obstacles I encountered – which gave me thoughts and skills that I’ll use for months + years to come. Highly recommend!”

Evan C.

“Aylon is a tremendous personal trainer. He’s positive and motivating with a excellent sense of humor. He does a great job of assessing your personal goals and tailoring each workout to address them.”

Ali S.

“Aylon is the best!! He is super positive and so fun to work out with. He is always adding new exercises and switching each boot camp class up. I highly recommend working with him.”

Hannah S.

“Boot camp has been a really great way for myself and my roommates to stay in shape over the winter months; Aylon has been awesome. He’s very technique oriented. Not only have I consistently gotten full body workouts that align with my goals and restrictions, but I’ve learned how to get the most for my body out of each exercise. Every session is different, so you get to switch it up. For people like me that get bored of a workout easily, this is absolutely ideal. Overall, Aylon keeps up the positive morale (even at 6:30 in the morning when we are all still half asleep) which definitely makes me feel more receptive to a challenge. I’m excited to say that after only a couple of months of Boot camp, I already feel stronger and more motivated to stay that way.”